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Drying services in the beginning ending with carpet cleaning

When choosing a restoration company for your emergency needs consider using SERVPRO of Chambersburg who's been a leader for the area in restoration for nearly a... READ MORE

Have you cleaned behind your dryer?

At SERVPRO of Chambersburg we go over and beyond our call of duty. We get into those tight spaces to clean those areas you may not have been able to get to. You... READ MORE

The cleaning dream team, can't get better than this!

Wholly Molly can the cleaning get much better than this! This was a transport van for a school where some food was spilled and caused some mold and other things... READ MORE

Flood Damage in Chambersburg

During the summer months we can have a large amount of rain causing basements to flood from many different reason. This one the sub pump failed causing approxim... READ MORE

2018 Storm Damage in Fairfield PA

This damage was due to a fallen tree onto a home during a storm in Fairfield PA. The even had some claims of a tornado which is highly uncommon in this area. Th... READ MORE

Chambersburg Church Kitchen Cleaning

SERVPRO of Chambersburg was hired to perform a detail cleaning top to bottom of this Chambersburg Churches kitchen. The services included washing walls, ceiling... READ MORE

SERVPRO can help with start to finish services in Chambersburg

A flooded basement may result in several material being removed such as drywall, carpet and trim. After the drying services are completed the customer can opt t... READ MORE

Mold Remediation in a Chambersburg Vacation Home Caused by a Hot Water Heater

This unoccupied property had a leaking hot water heater. The heater was located in a closet that wasn't often checked on. Eventually the mold grew so much it ca... READ MORE

Vacation home has water damage in Mercersburg PA

In Mercersburg, PA, this vacation home was not entered for approximately 30 days. A water leak occurred above in the ceiling causing water to leak and mold to g... READ MORE

Heavy Rains cause stream to flood nursing facility in Fayetteville PA

In Summer 2018 central PA had lots or rain storms causing streams to rise. This stream rose and entered the property threw the hvac wall units on the ground. Gr... READ MORE