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Water Damage In your Business

10/1/2020 (Permalink)

Water Damage in a Buisness After the sprinkler system failed causing this office building to flood our team quickly arrived to access the damages and start the drying process.

Common Questions After a Water Damage.

What Should I Do First?

After you find that your business has fallen victim to water damage the first step would be to stop the water from coming in. Was it a plumbing problem that caused the damage? Quickly find the water shut off valve to stop any further damage from occurring until you can get a plumber out to fix the broken pipe. We highly recommend that all employees know where the water shut off valve is just in case of emergencies. The faster the water is stopped from coming in the less that will become affected. 

When Should I Call SERVPRO?

Call us as soon as possible. Our crews work on a 24/7 365 on-call schedule and can be out within hours to start the drying process no matter what day or time. The quicker our team is able to get out to the loss the better.  The faster we are to begin drying may save some materials. For example, if you call us as soon as the water has been found there may be a chance we can save some building materials. However, if we aren't called as quickly as possible some materials may become compromised. For example, drywall is a very strange material when it comes to water damage. If the water has not yet reached the depth to touch the drywall there is a good chance we can keep it in place, however if only even the very bottom of the drywall gets wet but stays wet for a period of time the water will start to wick up the drywall which may cause more of the drywall to be removed. The key is to call us as soon as possible to help with the drying process. 

What If My Inventory Is Damaged?

We can handle it so that is one less thing you have to stress. Our team uses a special inventory software called iCat. iCat allows us to take a very detailed list of items we may be able to clean and save as well as items that are damaged. After the inventory is complete we will email you a list with photos of the inventory that makes it easy for you to go through and get prices in order to turn it in to your insurance company.

How Long Will The Equipment Stay?

Typically the average drying time is anywhere between three to five days depending on the types of materials we are drying out. Hardwood floors may even take a few extra days on top of the three to five. Our equipment will stay running 24/7 to ensure the building is being dried properly. 

Our Number One Goal

We understand that every day and every hour that your business is shut down costs money. That is why our number one goal is to get your business back to running as quickly as possible.  

Damaged Contents? Call Us!

9/29/2020 (Permalink)

Drying out wet contents After a tornado damaged a storage unit this customer's items were damaged. We quickly arrived to begin drying what items could be dried.

Content Damage? WE CAN HELP

Wet contents are never a good thing, especially if they are soft good items because mold can grow in a hurry. The key to drying out items is being quick in approach to begin the drying services. For example if you have a lot of books or possibly clothing that was damaged by water the faster we can respond the better chance it has at drying. In the photo is an example of our team attempting to dry out items from a storage unit that had damage due to a tornado. The customer called us to come inventory the damaged items and attempt to dry and clean the other items that could be salvaged.

But How Can I Keep Track?

We at SERVPRO of Chambersburg use a special content inventory software called iCat. With iCat the homeowner is able to see a detailed list with pictures of all the items we may bring back to our facility to attempt cleaning. Another feature of iCat is it also keeps inventory of all the non-salvageable items making it easier for the homeowner to go through and make a price list to turn in to the insurance company. This really makes it nice for the customer and the insurance company when it comes to attempting to get pricing for items that are damaged. 

What If Something Is Not Damaged But I Don't Want it?

That is fine! We at SERVPRO of Chambersburg can dispose of your items. You will be asked to sign an approval to dispose of items form. If something is not damage we can not place the item on the non-salvageable list but we can dispose of it for you. 

What If There Is Mold Damage On My Items?

Depending on the type of material your item is the really what decides if it will be savable or not. Most solid wood furniture can be sanded and refinished in order to return the item to preloss condition. If items are made of paper, particle board, cardboard or really anything that can not be submerged into water than we recommend those moldy items to be placed on the non-salvageable list. 

What Is The Non-Salvageable List?

The non-salvageable list will be the inventory of any items that we feel can not be returned to preloss condition and need to be replaced. The non-salvageable list will be emailed to you and your adjuster if applicable at the end. Once you receive the non-salvageable list you are able to get prices for the items that need to be replaced. 

What Causes Items To Be Put On Non-Salvageable List?

There are many things that may occur that causes damages to your contents. Whether it is water, sewage backup, mold, or fire and soot. When an item can not be cleaned to preloss condition or is damaged beyond repairable that item will be placed on the non-salvageable list. 

If you are in a situation where you need contents cleaned or even just inventoried for insurance purposes give us a call at our office at 717-261-0310 and we can put together a game plan for you! 


6/23/2020 (Permalink)

Covid-19 Covid-19


Covid-19 has really shaken up the world within the last few months. SERVPRO has been running non-stop to clean thousands of businesses across the country. A lot of businesses are reopening across the country but that does not mean we are all in the clear. To prevent another break out of covid-19 we all need to work together to make sure everyone is practicing good cleaning techniques.  

Your Business

No matter how big or how small SERVPRO can help. All of our franchises work together and within a few hours can have multiple teams arriving on scene to begin any cleaning that need to happen. Our highly trained technicians are very thorough and detailed when it comes to cleaning leaving your business clean and sanatized. 

Questions? Call us at (717)-261-0301 

Commercial Loss

6/23/2020 (Permalink)

Business On Fire Questions? Call us at (717) 261-0310

Commercial Loss

A commercial loss is significantly different than a residential loss and we understand that here at SERVPRO. Any down time is critical for businesses and we want to get your business up and running again as fast as possible. No matter how big or small the loss may be we can call other SERVPRO franchises to come and help to minimize closure time. 

Water Damages

If your business falls victim to water damage please call us at (717)261-0301 to schedule services as soon as possible. The quicker we are to arrive to the business the quicker you can get back to running like a normal day. Water damages usually take around 3-4 days to dry out.

Fire Damages

If your business falls victim to fire damage please call us at our office to schedule services as soon as possible. Depending on how the fire department entered the facility could leave the business open and vulnerable to break ins. A lot of the time fire departments will break windows out and kick in doors to quickly access the fire. Our first steps of fire restoration is to make sure the building is secure. Our team can quickly get your business back to running "Like it never even happened." 

Flooded Basement? Hardwood floors? WE CAN SAVE THEM

6/23/2020 (Permalink)

Floor Drying System Drying hardwood floors. Call us at (717)-261-0310

Flood Damage

After a heavy rain a house can quickly flood, especially a basemen. We at SERVPRO will quickly arrive to remove the standing water. 

Hardwood Floors

After hardwood floors are damaged by water many people think that they will have to be removed. Almost all of our customers are extremely happy when we tell them that we may be able to save them. Keep in mind calling us as soon as possible ups the chances of the us being have to dry out the hard wood floors. We have a high tech drying system and floor mats that will actually dry out the wood.  Discoloring of the wood floor may still happen, however most hardwood floors can be sanded down and refinished if that happens. 

How A Water Call Plays Out

6/22/2020 (Permalink)

Drying Carpet In Place This shows us drying the carpet in place at the home. We use a technique called floating which allows air flow to reach both sides of the carpet.

After you experience water damage one may wonder exactly what has to happen next. Typically once our homeowners contact their insurance company they will reach out to receive our services. We are run an on call service and have technicians ready to go at all times. After we arrive our highly trained technicians will thoroughly examine the affected areas to find exactly what is all damaged by the water. After a good evaluation we start up the truck mount to extract any water that we can. Afterwards comes the demo, some material we can in fact dry, while others always have to be removed. Majority of the time baseboard is detached, drywall is removed, and the floor is removed. However, if it is carpet as long as it can be re-stretched, we will dry the carpet in place at the home. After all the affected materials are removed, we will set up our drying air equipment that will remained in the home until the drying is complete. A standard water damage usually finishes up drying anywhere between 3-5 days.

Notice Mold?

6/22/2020 (Permalink)

Severe Mold Severe mold damage that was left alone for to long.


If you suspect that you may have mold do not disturb it or try to clean it up. Disturbing the mold could cause the mold to release microscopic mold spores that could spread throughout your entire home. 

What to do?

  • Stay out of the affected areas of your home.
  • Call SERVPRO OF CHAMBERSBURG for mold remediation. 
  • Turn off any fans that may be running in the affected areas. 
  • Purchase a dehumidifier to run if the mold is due to a moisture issue such as a damp basement. 

What not to do?

  • Do not clean it up yourself. 
  • Do not use bleach or any other product on the mold.
  • Do not try to cut out the affected area, this could result in you spreading mold throughout your home. 
  • Do not try to dry out your home yourself. 

24/7 - 365 We'll Be There!

6/22/2020 (Permalink)

Office Affected by Water A sprinkler system flooded this office building, leaving them no choice but to call SERVPRO.

4 AM or 4PM : We On Our Way

SERVPRO OF CHAMBERSBURG provides a 24-hour emergency service and prides our self on being faster than anyone to any sized disaster. No matter how big or small SERVPRO can handle it. We can respond immediately to evaluate your loss. 

Residential Or Commercial 

Whether your loss is to your home or your business; our highly trained team can help. 


Our highly trained team will work vigorously to ensure your home is returned to preloss condition. We operate an on-call schedule so our technicians can arrive at 4 AM or 4 PM to assist you with your loss and begin the restoration. 


There is never a good time to experience water or fire damage, especially if you happens to your business. Every day that our team spends restoring your business is another day of lost revenue for you and we at SERVPRO understand that and is why we have our highly trained technicians and resources to get your business back to work quickly! 

Questions? Call us at 717-261-0310

Checking For Damages After A Storm

6/22/2020 (Permalink)

Damaged Roof Damaged roof after a severe hail storm.

Accessing Storm Damage

After a major storm we recommend to inspect your home for damages. One of the things that takes the most beating during storms is typicaly a roof. However, it may be hard to fully see the extent of damage on the roof from the ground. Ifyou do not have a ladder or feel safe getting on the roof to inspect it below are some things to look for that may indicate roof damage. 

What to look for ? 

  • Dents on siding
  • Rips in window screens
  • Dings on gutters
  • Blown off shingles 
  • Hail Strikes on roof
  • Dimples on metal roof

If you are not completely sure if you have damage or not call your insurance company for a roof inspection and they will be able to determine if you actually do have damage. 

Questions? Call us! 717-261-0310 

Steps For Fire Restoration

6/22/2020 (Permalink)

Demo After Fire Damage This home was stripped down to the studs after a fire.

After a fire loss there is a lot that needs done. The contents need to be packed and moved out, the damaged materials need to be removed, and then the rebuilding process can begin. 


One of the first steps we take is to remove all the contents out of the home to prevent further damage. Our highly trained team will pack up the contents and move them back to our facility to be cleaned. Below is a list of our different techniques for cleaning contents. 

  • Dry Cleaning - Used for cleaning light residues or to pre-clean prior to wet cleaning.
  • Wet Cleaning - An effective cleaning method for removing moderate to heavy residues.
  • Spray and Wipe -Effective for items that can’t withstand wet cleaning.
  • Abrasive Cleaning - Involves agitation of the surface being cleaned.
  • Immersion Cleaning - Contents are dipped into a bath of the cleaning product.


After the contents are removed the home is ready for the next step, demo. During this step our team will evaulate what exactly needs to be removed and what can stay and be saved. Sometimes the home has to come down to the wood studs, and sometimes we can clean the walls and prep for paint. After the damaged materials are removed then it is time for rebuild.