Cleaning Photo Gallery

Campers Carpets need cleaned? Yes we can help with that!

We can bring in the small machines too to complete carpet cleaning in campers or RVs. Get a fresh new feeling with clean carpets for your summer seasons!

Smoking Odor?

Are you a smoker who is planning to quite as a new year resolution ? SERVPRO of Chambersburg can help give those walls a good wash and eliminate those nasty smells.

During Carpet Cleaning

This photo is during the carpet cleaning process. 

Oh, My where do I start Cleaning?

Some of the elderly customer are unable to care for their property as much as they once were. SERVPRO of Chambersburg helped get this home back to being able to be sold. 

During Cleaning of Kitchen Floor

SERVPRO of Chambersburg was hired by a family member after receive the power of attorney. The family member who lived in the home was unable to preform general cleaning task and it was a dirty job. This photos was during the cleaning process. 

Deep Carpet Cleaning

Most customer don't realize how dirty their carpets get over time. You should clean your carpets at least on a yearly basis to maintain them. 

Can you tell the difference in this photo during the cleaning process?

Carpet Clean in Progress

Can you tell the area of the carpet that was cleaned?

Floors after carpet removed

This property in Chambersburg was neglected for a long period of time. The customer was prepared it to be sold and need to get it to a safe environment for potential buyers to look at it. This is what the floors looked like after the carpet was removed with animal urine and feces. 

Bathroom Contrast Cleaning Photos

SERVPRO has high level experience of cleaning difficult jobs. This photo is during the cleaning process of a shower.

Neglected home needed deep cleaning by SERVPRO of Chambersburg.

This home was neglected for a periord of time. This is the living room after the carpet was removed and during the cleaning process. Can you tell what area of the wasll was clean