Water Damage Photo Gallery

Bad hot water heater caused Chambersburg home water damage

This was an emergency call when a hot water heater failed causing the basement to have water damage. SERVPRO rushed to the property extracting water and setting up equipment for drying. SERVPRO of Chambersburg also performed the repairs to the property as we are a one stop shop! Give us a call at 717-261-0310 for the sudden water damages for an emergency response. 

Sewage damage back up in Waynesboro PA

This property had damage resulting from a clog in the sewer pipe causing the category 3 water to come up the shower and toilet drain. This water is contaminated with potentially hazardous items. SERVPRO assisted with removing the contaminated building materials, cleaning the remaining items, drying services, and odor solutions.  

Another satisfied customer

This customer had experience a water damage to their home. John lead technician at SERVPRO of Chambersburg guided her through the process while removing the wet materials and drying out the home. 

Thanks for the opportunity to service you! 

Specility Water Extraction Equipment at SERVPRO

Anytime you experience a  water damage to your home or business it's important to use a professional water restoration. This machine being used in the photo is a weighted exaction, use to remove water with the assistance of a rider's weight. It's commonly used on highly saturated carpets and glue down carpets.  

What could you basement look like after water damage?

During a water damage event it may be necessary to remove the wet drywall. This is determined with a specialty moisture meter. As you can see in this photo the walls were neatly cut by using measurements and the proper tools. This allows an easy repair for the contractor. 

Damaged Carpet after Water Damage

When an average water damage occurs to the a customer home that carpet can be dried and cleaned. But when the backing begins to separate it is no longer able to be reused. The backing tends to separate after it's been in contact with water for several days before drying begins or in a high traffic area or just due to age. 

How much water is under the carpet?

SERVPRO of Chambersburg responded to a water damage caused by a frozen pipe. In the photo, here is an example of the amount of water that in "hidden" or not visible. This is why, we use several different industry meter to detect moisture.

When experiencing a water damage be sure to call in the professionals at SERVPRO!

High Tech Moisture Locating Equipment

When the trained SERVPRO technicians respond to your property for water damage, you may see them use this piece of equipment for locating where all the hidden water is. It is an Thermal-Image it use temperature to detect water, as you see in this photo the blue area is the water area.

During the Professional Extraction Process.

Most customers will attempt to try to clean up a water damage there self because they did not yet to process the situation. They begin with trying to shop vac the carpet but yet what they don't know is how much water is under the surface and the shop vac is not powerful enough for deep extraction. That's why professionals are important because they have the right equipment to do the job.

The importance of proper extraction of water

This photo illustrates the important of proper industrial water extraction. This commercial property had a water pipe burst and the plumber already began shop vacuuming the area prior to SERVPRO arriving on site. Therefor the carpet on the right that appears darker is the area the plumber shop vac already. The area on the left, the lighter area is after SERVPRO's professional equipment got on site and began extracting with the wand. 

Water Damage, What should you do as homeowner?

When you have a water damage, you should first shut off the water source.

Next in this photos the biggest help you can provide a restoration company is, removing the wet boxes and determining what is damaged of your personal belongings.

Water Damage, Wet Ceilings in Greencastle PA

This home had a broken pipe in the main level of the home that was un-noticed for a few days while on vacation. When the customer walked in the front door of the basement, this is what they seen. It can be overwhelming and asking yourself WHAT DO I DO?

Begin with turning off the source and protecting any further damage from occurring. Therefor relocating your personal belongings from getting wet or protecting them with a trash bag.

Professional Drying Equipment for Water Damage in Chambersburg

SERVPRO of Chambersburg has a verity of industry drying equipment and even some specialized drying equipment. Customers may find themselfs thinking that they can handle it with there standard box fans and homeowner dehu. SERVPRO advised that when any customer has a water damage event they should always seek professional help. 

Why, because there is a science to what we do. There is a special formula that decides the quantity of equipment needed. Then depending on the moisture levels of the material depends on the placement of the direct of the air flow. Next, if it's not done right, there could be secondary damage. 

Hardwood Floors, when not to save them.

When hardwood floors are not properly dried they will begin to show extreme signs of water damages. Here is an example where the home was not occupied daily and cause floors to experience sever damage and needed removed vs dried.