Storm Damage Photo Gallery

A tree collapsed during an ice storm damaging this home.

Ice Storm Causes MAJOR Damage.

After heavy winds and a bad ice storm this tree fell over on top of a home causing severe damage to the structure. If you look closely you can see some of the tree limbs in the photo above. Our team was able to clean up the debris and blown insulation that was throughout the entire affected rooms. 

A photo of a floor with muddy water

2021 Spring is in the near, but is a flooded basement too?

We are all excited for SPRING. This week we are expecting some higher temperatures along followed by rain. What we have learned from the week of Christmas 2020 as this can result in flooded basements.

How to prevent:
1. Ensure your sub pump is fully working.
2. Gutters are diverting water away from house and not blocked by snow.
3. Street drains near your house are free to allow the water to drain into.

If you get water in your basement here's what to do.
1. Call your favorite restoration team SERVPRO!
2. Call your insurance to know if you have back up coverage and how much. Not all policies cover for this damage.
3. Get your personal belonging out of the water/work area and repair the pump ASAP. (Repairing the subpump will take the bulk of the water away quickly)

Rain caused a flooded basement, now what!

Rain, rain, go away come again another day! Over the next few days it's expected that in the Chambersburg PA and surrounding areas are going to have some rainy days. Keep an eye on those basement for flooding and be sure to talk to your insurance to know what your covered for. If you experience a flooded basement give us a call at 717-261-0310 to see how we can help you!

Spring 2019 St Thomas Storm Damage

The spring of 2019 we had a few severe storms in the area that produces high winds even a few tornadoes. This can cause little damage as to a small branch of a tree to fall or a few shingles on your roof missing. The other side is that the damage could be extensive cause your roof to blow off completely, a large tree fall on to the home or hail damage. SERVPRO of Chambersburg can cordiate all your items start to finish for you. This allows your to continue to spend time at work and with family. 

Tree falls on home during wind storm in Chambersburg PA

During a storm with high winds in 2013, SERVPRO responding to this home that had a large tree that struck this home.

The tree did not only cause structural damages, it allowed the heavy rain to enter the home as well.

SERVPRO, hired a tree removal professional, packed-out the home and began to dry the structure and hired sub-contractors to do the repairs.

SERVPRO of Chamberbsurg responded to flooding in Virginia

In 2013 SERVPRO of Chambersburg participated with the SERVPRO Storm team when responding to a town who had a lot of flooding from heavy rains. This photos was taken a few hours after water begin to be pumped out of the basement, at the highest point it was 4' high. Believe it or not there was not stream, river that caused this just rain.

Flooding, Where to Begin?

If you see your basement, you may ask yourself... Where do I begin?

First step SERVPRO would do, Take photos before entering the area.

Then use a submersible pump to get the water to a lower level.

Put your water proof shoes one & beginning extracting and moving the items outside to sort threw whats salvageable.

Then many more steps for the dryout.

Flood Damage

This home was flooded after heavy rains over a period of time. The water was about 4 feet high at the tallest. The drywall was cut out and the belonging were removed as well.