Commercial Photo Gallery

Chuches water damage from flooding

This chuch had water damage resulting the heavy rains of summer 2018 causing the basement to flood. SERVPRO responded using the high tech moisture meters to inspected for water damage performed the necessary demo and drying services. 

Commercial Water Damage Services in Chambersburg

When choosing a restoration company for your emergency needs consider using SERVPRO of Chambersburg who's been a leader for the area in restoration for nearly a decade. This church had a pipe break in the daycare area causing water damage. Drying services were needed and SERVPRO even cleaned the carpets after to make it truly "Like it never even happened." 

Thumbs up for outstanding services.

This commercial customer was extremely pleased with SERVPRO of Chambersburg water damage cleanup from a broken sprinkler. We worked with the staff to plan a action plan that would work for all parties and removed wet material then drying services. 

Thanks for choosing SERVPRO of Chambersburg for your services. 

Drying a Commercial Office after a Water Line Breaks

Some customers to try to cleanup water damage there self and cause mold growth or reduce the potential to save materials. This commercial customer know exactly what to do, within a hour after finding the water damage, they called the right people the plumber and SERVPRO of Chambersburg. SERVPRO of Chambersburg was onsite within 1 hour and began services. This photo illustrate the specialty industry drying equipment that was used. 

Commercial Dehumidifier Output in Water Damage

When your dealing with 8,000+ square feet of wet flooring you may need to use commercial size equipment to get the job done. In this photo is a ducting system that allows the air from the dehumidifier to travel threw out the property releasing hot and dry air. 

During the Drying Process at Commercial Building

This Chambersburg commercial property had their water main break days before it was ready to be moved in. After the water was extracted it was time to let the air mover and dehumidifiers work. This photos shown how the professional air movers are placed to dry the area. 

Now that's a professional Dehumidifier

This is a trailer mount desiccant dehumidifier used in Large Loss commercial jobs. The difference from a regular dehumidifier is that this piece of equipment introduces extreme dry and hot air to the environment .

Choose the Restoration Team with Resources

This is a part of the SERVPRO system located in Summerset PA. It's able to help respond to large commercial damages in the PA/MD area. SERVPRO is a Franchise with over 1700 locations able to help and join forces to get any size of job done.

Wind Storm in Mercersburg PA

Can you believe this large section of roof was removal because of high winds in Mercersburg PA. SERVPRO provided speedy services to this commercial business that need a large size of dry-out after the roof was blown off it was exposed to the rain and all the high end equipment needed professional serviced as well.

Desiccant Dehumidifier used at Commercial Property in Chambersburg

During large size commercial water damage it required some special equipment. Great news, SERVPRO the right equipment to get the job done. 

Below is an explanation of how the machine works. 

"What is a desiccant dehumidifier? The most basic explanation is that a desiccant dehumidifier has a moisture absorbing wheel inside the unit. The wheel is made of silica gel – which is the desiccant (drying) element. Air enters the unit through an opening and travels through the silica gel impregnated wheel. When the air reaches the other side of the wheel it is dry and pushed out of the unit by a high static blower. There’s more to it than that but that’s the brief explanation of how a desiccant dehumidifier works."

8,000 sq ft of commercial water damage property

This weekend SERVPRO of Chambersburg responded to a water damage from a water main break in a new commercial building. 8,000 square feet was effected. We brought in about 130 air mover, generators and large-size dehumidifier. Stay tune for the before and after photos.